Why Continuon

What if we could understand how a brand’s followers and customers really behave and influence each other?
What if we could use this insight to create authentic, one-one-relationships at scale?

Influencer marketing is losing its impact

Brands are spending money on paid influencers, celebrities and micro-influencers as they try to land their messages  in new, unique and meaningful ways. Influencers are building large followings in the hope that they can charge brands a bigger fee. Continuon helps brands find and build relationships with influential brand advocates from their own social media communities. Continuon then helps harness the power of these influential brand advocates.
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Its simple. Relevant, personal messages are highly effective

Continuon allows brands to understand their audience’s interests and passions based on actual behaviour on social media and beyond. It then enables you to build hyper-personalised campaigns to engage and nurture your community at scale. This is how Continuon allows you to build an army of on-the-ground influential brand advocates.
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